So it’s been… like… a year…

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It’s crazy how much things change in a year… well, almost a year-and-a-half if we’re precise. It’s been a long time between blog posts and probably even longer since we thought of ourselves as “furtivity”.

Just saying the word brings back a lot of good memories, good times though- as did a quick flick through the site. Yes, after a long period of neglect there were a lot of comments we didn’t approve (sorry) but it’s equally crazy how many people read – and continue to read – the stories. Very heartening.

We truthfully hadn’t given furtivity a lot of thought in the past while. We changed jobs and rediscovered our happy place. furtivity began originally as a way to reconnect us to that. it served it’s purpose and showed us what we wanted.

It’s not like we stopped caring about parties and the underground scene, though. We simply stopped blogging about it. We can still be found at places like the grove and we’ve slowly introduced others to the wonders.

It simply wasn’t possible to do that for everyone who came through the site, though. The danger in subterranea is exposing things best left underground. It wasn’t possible to vet all the requests for information we received – and careless talk costs lives. We hoped you understood.

So why are we back here? Well, ironically part of what drove us into hiatus also brought us back to furtivity. A random message from a reader (sure, they wanted us to do something we wouldn’t do in a million years, but that’s not the point!).

Are we back for good? We’ll try. For all that things have changed in our absence, some things will seemingly always stay the same.

We hear there’s a nice daytime bash this weekend in a regular haunt. Looks like the goods if the weather holds. Check the usual channels for more.

Through the grapevine…

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… we’re hearing about a pretty special fortnight when it comes to the free party massif.

easter saturday
– he died for your bassbins @ sly fox. none other than the fun bus crew. sounds wicked.
– killerwatts beach party. 6000 watts of sound. goes laaaate…

easter sunday
– dubstep football. Treason and Duble E (both uk), double robin, insurgent and other regulars. BBQ. Take a guess where…

17-19th april
– squat punk frenzy weekend. inna city location. kinda misleading name since it encompasses all sorts of DJ sounds, breakcore, gangsta, dub, funk, live music, acoustic and workshops. HUGE (on second thoughts, maybe they mean ‘punk ethos’ not necessarily music 🙂 ).

25th april
-Petsbudkcuf party. Junglist massive go bush somewhere up the F3. Add the full hijack system and it can only be good. byo tent.

No excuses not to get into some hot shit…

It’s a jungle out there…

•March 29, 2009 • 1 Comment


Us furtivity types are always up for a bit of a park party, especially when dub, dnb and jungle are on the menu.

So it was that we spied a brief note that some folks – not dss for once – were bringing their system down to a certain leafy green spot known to many.

Not sure who played or anything. We showed up around 4.30pm to the sounds of dub and left as the dnb and jungle was cranking. Mad system too – punching above its weight very nicely… yay the free party massive.

p3290414 p3290419


DnB warehouse stylez

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It’s not DSS but it’s one of the next best things. The Grounded crew are taking over shirlows on friday evening for some bass heavy shit – meaning dnb, dubstep and MCs all on show.

The line-up is totally awesome. Svelt are playing live (observant folks will remember them as that mad live dnb 4-piece that rocked the footbridge at the last dss party), along with luke snarl, rob joyner, and claws and fangs, which apparently is a new project for MC rapaport.

Cost is a fiver, starts at 9.30 this friday. Good shit


A spot of a scene update

•March 22, 2009 • 1 Comment

Hello to all – hope you’re out there enjoying this wonderful weather the city is throwing at us!

A few things seemingly to report. Although we missed them as we scratched an itch to mix ourselves, there were two parties in the city last night – paradise lost, and russia’s scsci-9 appearing at separate warehouse bashes. Anyone care to tell us how they went down? Photos, even better!

We’re hearing the possibility of a loose bash on april 4 after void finishes (i believe that would make it a 4.30am start?). Somewhere in the inner southern parts if info is correct. Check out the usual channels for more info.

There’s also word of some solid psy parties a couple of hours up the f3, easter timeframe. More shortly.

Apart from that, though, things seem a bit quiet on the upcoming front. Hopefully we can fit in one or two more solid ones before the winter season is upon us…

Killer watts system at shirlows

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For those unable to do that last minute shindig down port kembla way a few weeks back, killer watts is bringing its system a bit closer to home.


It’s on 22nd march so it’s a day gig but there’s a stonking line-up especially for a measly fiver.

And it’s the killer watts system. what more do we have to say really.

New space – hackett house?

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OK… so we’ve been reading bits and pieces about a new-ish space in bankstown called hackett house.

They have a myspace page up and running and a show coming up on the 15th march.

It must be said that they also have a great ethos. Sounds are live music and it’s all about supporting the local scene. Big props. Photos when we can get ’em. (the shows are same day as bohemian grove).